If anyone is undecided about having extra lashes added for their big day, Kim would always say yes definitely! Added lashes make a difference and make every bride feel special in their makeup.

“In all the years within this career, I have yet to do a trial appointment where a bride has decided against having lashes after trying them on! They also look so beautiful in photos.”

Strip Lashes

Strip lashes are great. They are comfortable to wear when glued along the lash line and come in various styles that can be altered according to eye shape and size. If applied properly, they will last all day and are an excellent added extra when having a makeover. Easily removed at the end of the day, they simply peel off without damaging your skin or natural lashes.

“When I quote to do makeup, whether it be for a bride or anyone else within the bridal party, a set of strip lashes are always included and available within that price for those who want them.”

Lash Extensions

The other option Kim offers is Individual Lash Extensions. These come at an additional cost to the makeup price, but they also come with additional benefits. The lashes are very carefully attached to each natural lash.

Because the lashes are attached to the hair follicle, rather than being glued to the lash line, you cannot feel that you are wearing them at all, and unlike strip lashes, there is no band to disguise. This means a softer eyeliner can be applied for those wanting a delicate natural makeup look.

Individual Lash Extensions can be tailor-made to each individual and suited to all eye shapes. The number of shapes and styles is endless and can be discussed in detail at your appointment to ensure you get the best result.

Lash Extension Care.

The extensions last around three weeks before you would need to have them in-filled or topped up. Should you decide to keep your lashes as an ongoing treatment, your lashes will last well after your big day and into the honeymoon!

If you choose not to have the lashes’ in-filled,’ they just gradually come away as your lashes naturally shed with no damage to the natural lash at all, over 5 – 6 weeks.

Lash Extension Patch Test

A patch test is required before having the lashes applied to ensure against any allergies. This can take place any time before the wedding day and takes just minutes. Kim would suggest having the lashes applied at an appointment a day or two before the wedding, ensuring they are as fresh as possible.

A fresh set of lashes take around 2.5 hours to do, so ensure you leave enough time as it is a reasonably long appointment. Kim also favours volume lashes for the extensions – don’t be fooled by the name! The term volume describes the technique – using fans of lashes for the extensions, meaning that the lash extensions are fine, delicate, soft and fluffy. They also have the best retention. Also, ladies, your Volume lashes can be as natural or as dramatic as you like.

Lash extensions are £65 for a fresh volume set.